Which month is best for IELTS exam? (2023)

In which month IELTS exam is easier?

So, there is no definitive answer to which month would be the easiest. However, it is advisable that candidates retake the exam only after a few months, with thorough preparation to score better.

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Which month is best for IELTS exam 2022?

IDP IELTS India is conducting the IELTS Computer-Based Exam all throughout the months of July and August (with the exception of August 15, 2022) in Tier 1 cities.

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Which date is best for IELTS exam in January 2022?

IELTS Exam Dates For January 2022
Test DatesTest Type
Saturday, 8 January 2022Academic and General Training
Saturday, 15 January 2022Academic Only
Thursday, 20 January 2022Academic Only
Saturday, 29 January 2022Academic and General Training

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Is 1 month enough for IELTS?

If you have one month or less than one month for the IELTS test, you will have to move in a more organized manner. You will have to pay more attention to what is important and then proceed with the same. Do not focus more on reading if you are just capable enough to read and comprehend well.

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Which part of IELTS is most difficult?

According to several surveys on IELTS modules, the Writing module is the toughest among the four. The writing is considered as the most difficult module of any exam. It may be in major English proficiency tests like IELTS or in school-tests.

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Which part of IELTS is easy?

The easiest part of IELTS is listening and speaking. As far as a good IELTS score is concerned, you must score 7 or higher. It will showcase your full-fledged command of the English language.

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How many bands need Canada?

To apply for a Canadian study permit or visa, international students need to score a minimum of 5.5 IELTS scores in each of the IELTS bands.

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Does IELTS question repeat?

Does the IELTS Essay Question Repeat in the IELTS Exam? Students often wonder whether the essay questions are repeated or not. The answer is No.

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Which IELTS is better paper or computer?

The IELTS on paper test is easier than the IELTS on computer test. This is a myth! Again, both the IELTS on computer and IELTS on paper IELTS test are the same level of difficulty. The IELTS on computer test has a help button to assist you throughout the test.

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How many times can I give IELTS?

You may take the IELTS test as many times as you like. You can use the result of the test you prefer. However, as the IELTS centre, we strongly recommend you do additional study before taking the test again. You can also improve your skills by using the IELTS Official Free Practice Materials and Preparation Book.

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How many attempts are there in IELTS?

There are up to 48 test dates available per year. Each IELTS test center conducts tests up to four times a month based on the number of applicants. IELTS Academic is conducted 4 times a month and General Training is conducted twice a month. However, there is no limit to the number of attempts.

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Is IELTS pattern changing 2022?

If you are preparing for the test this year, there are no changes in the syllabus of the IELTS 2022 Exam. However, a new format of IELTS is being introduced named as IELTS Indicator. This is for candidates to attempt the test at home. Read below to know everything about the IELTS test in 2022.

Which month is best for IELTS exam? (2023)
How many hours study for IELTS?

77% of IELTS trainers feel that ideal IELTS preparation time should be around 6 to 8 weeks or 30 days. 65% of IELTS trainers recommend test takers to spend about 3 to 4 hours every day preparing for IELTS.

Is IELTS hard to pass?

The world's leading test of English language proficiency, IELTS is not difficult in itself. In less than 3 hours, it assesses your abilities in listening, reading, writing and speaking.

How can I get 7.5 in IELTS?

To get a band of 7.5, you may need to score 7 or 7.5 in all four sections of IELTS. For example, Listening Band 7 + Reading Band 8 + Writing Band 8 + Speaking Band 7 = IELTS 7.5.

Can I pass IELTS without coaching?

In order to prepare for the IELTS exam at home, you can try these simple tricks such as: do your research about all four sections; speaking, listening, reading, and writing, attempt practice tests, record your mock speaking test, develop your reading skills by spending more time reading books, magazines and newspapers.

Can I work in UK without IELTS?

An essential part of the UK working visa process is passing the IELTS exam. However, there are exceptions. For more information about working in the UK without IELTS, Call us on 0330 311 6351 and we will provide immediate help & assistance with your situation.

Is getting 6.5 IELTS easy?

Scoring 5.5 or 6 may seem possible from 4.5 or 5 with a little more practice and preparation; however, reaching 6.5 is a little difficult but not impossible. It will require substantial practice on your part.

Does anyone get 9 in IELTS?

Yes, getting an IELTS band score of 9 in the actual exam is very much possible. This is possible if you have met the expectations of the IELTS examiner and showcased the qualities of a competent user of the English language.

When should I start preparing for IELTS?

Keep in mind that learning IELTS is a process. On average it takes 12 weeks to move up a score band by one point. Start preparing for your test at least 3 – 6 months prior. We highly recommend finding an institution which will help you with English development and IELTS strategies.

Why is IELTS so difficult?

IELTS is so hard because it is a test designed to push your English ability as far as it will go. This means that at some point you will reach a point where you can no longer complete the the questions effectively.

Is Canada PR easy?

If you have money, then through this pathway, it is very easy to get PR in Canada. This category is suitable for both Business owners and Business managers in foreign countries looking to set up a business in Canada. For this, you can either apply through Start-up visa or provincial business immigration programs.

Can we go Canada without IELTS?

Is IELTS compulsory for Canada? No, you don't necessarily need IELTS to study in Canada or visit the country as a tourist on a visitor or tourist visa. But if you aim to apply for Permanent Residency, IELTS will be necessarily required.

Can I get Canada PR without IELTS?

Proving an English language proficiency is necessary, the only options where you can move to Canada without IELTS is on a temporary basis, i.e. Canada's visitor or work visa. Because, as a permanent resident, you must be competent enough in English to communicate with employers, neighbors, your doctor, and more.

What not to say in IELTS speaking?

Last-minute notes: Seven mistakes to avoid during your IELTS Speaking test
  • Trying to memorise answers.
  • Not speaking aloud and with confidence.
  • Going off-topic.
  • Giving yes or no answers without good elaboration.
  • Repeating the same words or phrases.
  • Overusing transition words.
  • Parroting the question and poor pronunciation.

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