What states have banned lead fishing weights? (2023)

What states have banned lead fishing weights?

Citing the Pokras study as evidence, the state of New Hampshire in 1998 (effective in 2000) became the first state to ban the use of lead sinkers. New Hampshire was soon followed by Maine, New York, Vermont and Massachusetts.

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Can I still use lead weights for fishing?

The Regulations make it illegal to supply lead weights between 0.06 grams and 28.35 grams for the purpose of weighting fishing lines. The Regulations create a rebuttable presumption that a person that supplies split shot does so for the purpose of weighting lines.

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Are lead weights banned?

Outgoing Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe issued an order to ban lead bullets and fishing gear (like sinkers and jig heads) on all agency-managed lands. The ban requires the use of alternative metals on about 560 million acres of public lands in the United States.

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Can you use lead sinkers in NY?

New York State passed legislation that will prohibit the sale of certain lead sinkers. Beginning in May 2004, the sale of lead fishing sinkers (including "split shot") weighing one-half ounce or less will not be permitted.

Are lead sinkers illegal in California?

In California, research on the effect of lead ammunition on birds in the wild resulted in the passage of Assembly Bill 711 (Rendon), which prohibits the use of lead ammunition for hunting game mammals and birds in the state by July 1, 2019 (Ch.

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Where are lead sinkers banned?

New York and Vermont have banned the sale of lead fishing weights weighing one half ounce, or less. Massachusetts' Fisheries and Wildlife Board, Maine's SB 268 (2013), and New Hampshire's SB 89 (2013), have all banned the use and sale of jigs and sinkers weighing one ounce or less.

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What do you do with old lead fishing weights?

Recycle Your Old Lead Weights

Dispose of them properly at a hazardous waste collection site, or call a local metals recycler who can dispose of them properly. Throwing them out in the trash means that they can still poison our environment!

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Do they still make lead wheel weights?

Most new cars and light trucks sold in the US feature zinc or steel wheel weights, and all new cars and light trucks sold in the US have been free of lead wheel weights since 2009. Vehicle manufacturers made a significant commitment to phase out this use of lead.

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Are lead wheel weights legal in Florida?

The new law includes a ban on the installation, sale and distribution of lead wheel weights, while requiring proper recycling of all lead weights that are removed from vehicles.

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How do I know if my sinkers are lead?

and tungsten tend to have a shiny appearance. While non-lead alternatives like tungsten are hard metals, lead is a soft metal that is easily dented by a fingernail or pliers.

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Are lead sinkers legal in Maine?

Trade in your Lead Tackle

To protect loons and other wildlife, Maine state law bans the use and sale of lead sinkers and bare (unpainted) lead-headed jigs that weigh one ounce or less, or that measure 2 ½ inches or less.

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How many rods can you fish with in NY?

Andrew Cuomo that allows anglers to have three rods, instead of two, in any body of freshwater in New York. Being able to use an additional pole will increase a fisherman's chances of catching a fish.

What states have banned lead fishing weights? (2023)
Are lead sinkers illegal in NH?

Traditionally, sinkers have been made of lead because it is inexpensive, easily molded and dense. When sinkers are lost through broken line or other means, birds can inadvertently eat them.

Are lead sinkers illegal in PA?

Lead fishing weights are legal in Pennsylvania, although some states have banned them because of lead contamination in some animals.

Can you use lead weights in California?

Lead fishing weights have previously come under scrutiny from California's Department of Toxic Substances Control, and state efforts to reduce lead in the environment are not limited to fishing weights. California began to prohibit the use of lead ammunition for hunting on state lands in 2015, and that ban will extend ...

Can you use lead sinkers in VT?

As of the first of the year, lead sinkers, half- ounce or smaller, are illegal for use and sale in Vermont. The new law, which was passed by the Vermont Legislature in 2004, came out of a concern for wildlife lead poisoning. Those caught using lead sinkers could lose their fishing licenses for up to three years.

Can you get lead poisoning from making sinkers?

the casting of lead weights for fishing. The home manufacture of fishing sinkers is not recommended as it is a common cause of lead poisoning. The hazard occurs when the lead is melted down and poured into moulds. It is at this stage that toxic lead fumes are produced and can be inhaled and absorbed.

How much are lead wheel weights worth?

Lead Wheel Weights Price
North America, US East Coast$0.31 per Lb
US Midwest, US West Coast$0.31 per Lb

Are lead wheel weights outlawed in some states?

Reinventing the Wheel Weight

Sacramento, Calif. — New state legislation now makes it illegal in California to sell, manufacture or install lead wheel weights. Violators can end up facing a hefty penalty: $2,500 per day, per violation.

Can you recycle lead weights?

You should not discard your used or unused lead wheel weights in the trash or use them for any other purpose. You may contact your supplier to see if it will take back your lead wheel weights, or if you may have them recycled as scrap metal. Alternative weights should be recycled as well.

Are wheel weights outlawed?

Currently, nine states—as well as large independent tire dealerships—have banned the use of lead wheel weights. States in which lead weights are illegal are California, Minnesota, Illinois, Maine, New York, Vermont, Washington, New Jersey and Maryland.

Are lead wheel weights pure lead?

No, they may not be all lead based. Yes, some are lead alloy. No, the lead alloy weights do not all contain Sn, Sb and As and those that do could have any ratio of these.

How can you tell the difference between lead and zinc wheel weights?

My OFFICIAL guide to sorting Wheel Weights for lead Bullet Casting

What are legal axle weights in Florida?

(1) The gross weight imposed on the highway by the wheels of any one axle of a vehicle shall not exceed 20,000 pounds.

What is the new material for the new wheel weights?

Wheel weights made entirely of lead or zinc that end up on the roadway have high potential impacts to human health and the environment compared to steel wheel weights. Steel wheel weights are the preferred alternative due to their comparatively low toxicity and fewer environmental impacts from manufacturing.

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