What happens in a rainy season? (2023)

What happens in rainy season for kids?

5) In the rainy season plants, trees, and grasses look very green and attractive. 6) Ponds, rivers, and streams receive plenty of rainwater during the rainy season. 7) In the rainy season, the environment becomes clean and fresh due to a heavy rain showers.

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How is the weather during rainy season?

High heat, high humidity, extensive clouding and several spells of moderate to heavy rain with strong surface winds are the chief characteristics of this season.

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What happens in your house during the rainy season?

In the rainy season, the moisture increases in the air. It causes damages due to fungus. During this weather, the doors, furniture, windows, cupboards, and other wooden stuff gets musty due to fungus and vapour. To avoid the situation, you need to keep camphor and phenyl balls.

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How do you write 10 lines on a rainy day?

Ten lines on a rainy day:
  1. I love rainy days.
  2. Rainy day is loved by everyone.
  3. Our school remains closed once it starts raining.
  4. Rains bring down the heat and give relief to everyone.
  5. Rainy day has pleasant weather with a cool breeze.
  6. We can see a rainbow on a rainy day.
  7. My parents allow me to play in the rain.

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What is rainy season in simple words?

The wet season (sometimes called the Rainy season) is the time of year when most of a region's average annual rainfall occurs. It is the time of year where the majority of a country's or region's annual precipitation occurs. Generally, the season lasts at least a month.

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How do you write a rainy season essay?

The rain showers bring much comfort to men and animals. The rain cools down the air, and the temperature rapidly drops, making the weather extremely pleasing. There is more greenery around us during the monsoon season as flora and fauna grow. Optimal rainfall is vital for crop cultivation.

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How do you write a rainy season paragraph?

The rain sets in the middle of June and generally continues till the last of September. In this season the sky. is always cloudy. Sometimes heavy and incessant rain put our life into a great disaster. Sometimes rain is accompanied by thunder and lightning.

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How do you enjoy rainy season essay?

On rainy days, my friends and I prepare paper boats and make them float in the water. I love the smell of earth when it rains after a sunny day. Rain makes the weather so pleasant, refreshing and cool. I like getting wet in rains.

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What are the effects of heavy rainfall?

The potential impacts of heavy precipitation include crop damage, soil erosion, and an increase in flood risk due to heavy rains (see the River Flooding indicator)—which in turn can lead to injuries, drownings, and other flooding-related effects on health.

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What are the disadvantages of rain?

Heavy rainfall can lead to numerous hazards, for example: flooding, including risk to human life, damage to buildings and infrastructure, and loss of crops and livestock. landslides, which can threaten human life, disrupt transport and communications, and cause damage to buildings and infrastructure.

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How do you manage rainy weather?

Essential Safety Tips for the Rainy Season
  1. Don't touch electric wires. ...
  2. Avoid walking in the rain. ...
  3. Take precautions against mosquitoes. ...
  4. Drive slowly and carefully. ...
  5. Unplug electronic appliances. ...
  6. Make sure your windows are shut properly. ...
  7. Keep an umbrella and raincoat handy. ...
  8. Prepare an emergency kit.

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What happens in our surroundings when it rains?

Answer : When it rains, our surroundings become alive and refreshing. The birds start singing, the frogs start croaking, and the earthworms come out of the soil to breathe. The dry rivers and streams start flowing again, trees and hills become lush green, and the roads get waterlogged.

What happens in a rainy season? (2023)
How do you feel in rainy day?

During the rain, you are suddenly lethargic, think sad thoughts, daydream, and don't want to do anything other than stay at home. A study in the journal Science found that about nine percent of people hate rain because it causes feelings of anger and unhappiness.

What is a rainy day paragraph?

A rainy day is not a happy day for all. Roads become muddy and slippery. Passers-by are seen with umbrellas because they can not go without it. Many people walk along the road with shoes in hands and fold their clothes up.

Why do people love rainy season?

They can feel their feelings better

Rain lovers usually have more sensitive senses. They can describe rain in much greater details, from the rhythm of the rain to how each rain drop changes the view outside the window. They can also enjoy the fresh smell of rain and the sensation when the rain drops touch their skin.

Why rainy season is so beautiful?

Monsoon in India really gives one of the best natural scenery, as rivers are on full swing, mountains are awake after a long sleep and monsoon decorated the whole valley's with sparking waterfalls, magnificent lakes, lush green trees and beautiful flowers.

Why do u like rainy season?

Answer: I like rainy days because I like to be outside and feel the rain on my skin. I like the smell of the rain, I like the effect it has on the garden, and I love watching the rain fall out my window. It makes my imagination run wild, and it just looks so nice.

What are the changes happen in nature when it rains Class 4?

When it rains, the soil and plants emit a chemical known as petrichor, which is responsible for “the scent of rain” and may make certain people feel peaceful and at rest, especially when combined with the sound of pouring rain. 3. However, many a times rain also causes soil erosion and destroys crops.

How beautiful is the rain essay?

Rain is the falling of water from the clouds coming back to the earth, which is taken indirectly by the sun. Rain is a very beautiful moment that can enhance any person, and is able to make many people to admit it as a great blessing of God bestowed upon man by him in some specific time.

What do you do on a rainy day answer?

Top 20 Rainy Day Activities
  • Make a pillow fort. The classic living room fort that sparks the creative engineer inside us all. ...
  • Bake something delicious. Baking doesn't have to be unhealthy. ...
  • Games. Board games. ...
  • Venture out of the house. Go to a museum or aquarium. ...
  • Play dates. ...
  • Puzzles. ...
  • Movie marathon. ...
  • Arts and crafts.

What does make you feel special in a rainy day?

For many people, rain is a source of happiness and joy. The sound of raindrops falling on the ground can be incredibly soothing, and the smell of rain can be incredibly refreshing. Rain can also be a very romantic time. There's something about the weather that just makes everything feel more intimate.

How do you introduce rainy season to kids?

Nursery | Introduction of Monsoon Season | Rainy Season - YouTube

What is rain for kids?

The water vapor rises in the atmosphere and there it cools down and forms tiny water droplets through something called condensation. What is this? These tiny droplets then turn into clouds. When they all combine together, they grow bigger and are too heavy to stay up there in the air.

Why do kids love rainy season?

Kids have an affinity for exploration and learning all that stuff. They love the sweet smell of petrichor and the fact that their electronicals don't operate in the wet environment. They'll study rain drops, evaluating them for sound, velocity and taste.

How do you explain rain to kindergarten?

Kindergarten Lesson 1.1 - What Makes it Rain? - YouTube

How do you write a rainy season essay?

It comes after the end of the blazing summer season. It's the time when the rainfall takes place; the sky is generally overcast throughout the rainy season. The rivers and lakes that have lost water through rapid evaporation due to the heat replenish. The rain showers bring much comfort to men and animals.

How do you enjoy in rain?

Lie down and let the sound of the rain soothe you. If it is bedtime, drift asleep to the sound of the rain. Keep warm in colder weather. Don't open the window unless it is bearable; instead, cuddle up under your favorite quilt or blankets and listen to the sound of the rain on the roof.

Why do we need rain?

Rain and snow are key elements in the Earth's water cycle, which is vital to all life on Earth. Rainfall is the main way that the water in the skies comes down to Earth, where it fills our lakes and rivers, recharges the underground aquifers, and provides drinks to plants and animals.

What causes it to rain?

Some droplets fall through the cloud and coalesce into raindrops on their way down. As more and more droplets join together they become too heavy and fall from the cloud as rain. Warm air can hold more moisture than cool air. When the warmer air is cooled and the moisture condenses, it often rains more heavily.

What do you see on a rainy day?

Thunderstorm : Due to the presence of dense clouds the thunderstorms are also observed in a rainy day. Puddle : After the rainfall we can see water filled puddles on the road, on that rainy day. Rainbow : After the rainfall, the rainbow is sometimes observed in the rainy day.

What happens when it rains in your surroundings?

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When it rains, the air gets cleaner and the smell of rain disperses in the air. Everything looks beautiful in the surrounding when it rains. The air becomes cooler and cleaner when it rains. The trees and crops present in the surrounding look fresher as a result of rain.

What should I do on a rainy day essay?

“text”:”There are various ways to enjoy their rainy days. You can sit in your balcony and sip on tea while enjoying the weather. Moreover, you may go out in the garden or terrace and bathe in it. Make paper boats and take a long drive on the road as well.”}

What is the process of rain called?

Precipitation is any liquid or frozen water that forms in the atmosphere and falls to the Earth. It is one of the three main steps of the global water cycle.

What happens if clouds don't rain?

For example, if there aren't enough droplets of water in a cloud to collide and form large drops, the tiny droplets will stay suspended in the air and it won't rain. In some very hot and dry places, rain may start to fall from a cloud but the drops evaporate while they are still high in the air.

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