T mobile versus sprint coverage? (2023)

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Does Sprint have better coverage than T-Mobile?

Who has better service, Sprint or T-Mobile? Technically, T-Mobile takes the cake for nationwide 4G LTE and 5G service. That said, Sprint customers can now roam on T-Mobile's network—so even if you're in a pocket without Sprint coverage, T-Mobile now has you covered.

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Is Sprint and T-Mobile coverage same?

No worries, our 4G LTE network has you covered just about everywhere. Can Sprint customers access T-Mobile's 5G network? Yes, Sprint customers with a capable device can access T‑Mobile's 5G network, but due to technical limitations, some parts of T‑Mobile's 5G network aren't available to Sprint customers yet.

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Does T-Mobile actually have good coverage?

For most Americans, T-Mobile's coverage is excellent. A mere 8% difference in nationwide area coverage between the first- and third-place networks is very little in terms of population coverage. As mentioned, T-Mobile provides network service to 99% of Americans, offering fast 4G LTE speeds and broad 5G coverage.

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Which carrier has the strongest signal?

Verizon has the best 4G LTE coverage that spans across 70% of the United States. That's 2% more than AT&T and 8% more than T-Mobile. It covers 327 million people over 2.68 million square miles. Depending on your location, you may be covered by Verizon's 5G.

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Do all Sprint customers have to switch to T-Mobile?

When you upgrade to a 5G phone, you'll instantly unlock access to the nation's largest and fastest 5G network. Plus, 5G access is included in our plans at no extra cost. We'll keep in touch about account updates. All Sprint customers will move to T-Mobile billing accounts and begin using the T-Mobile app.

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Is T-Mobile shutting down Sprint towers?

T-Mobile announced that it finished shutting down Sprint's 3G CDMA network as of March 31, 2022 and Sprint's 4G LTE network as of June 30, 2022. It also announced it shut down T-Mobile's 3G UMTS network as of July 1, 2022, but has not yet announced a shutdown date for its 2G network.

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How does Sprint compare to T-Mobile?

Sprint offers cheaper prices in most cases, but T-Mobile's overall value is much better. Of the Big 4 wireless phone carriers in the U.S. — Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint — Sprint and T-Mobile are the kings (or queens) of lower prices.

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Who has better 5G coverage?

5G Coverage Analysis: 5G vs 4G LTE. When comparing carrier 5G coverage maps, T-Mobile comes in first with the best 5G network overall at 53.79% nationwide coverage, AT&T slides in at second at 29%, Verizon is in third at 12.77%, and U.S. Cellular clocks in at just 1.8%.

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Does T-Mobile use Verizon towers?

T-Mobile US (NYSE:TMUS), in particular, has been looking to co-locate its network gear on those towers as it expands its LTE network. In February Verizon agreed to lease the rights to 11,324 of its towers and sell 165 additional towers to American Tower for $5.056 billion in cash.

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Which Mobile has best network coverage?

India's 4G-only operator, Jio, is victorious on 4G Availability as our users on its network spent the greatest proportion of time connected to 4G services — 99.5%. Airtel is in second-place with a 4G Availability score of 98.3%, followed by Vi's score of 92%, while BSNL lagged further behind with 63.6%.

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What are the perks of being with T-Mobile?

T-Mobile MONEY has your back with benefits for wireless customers like no account fees, no overdraft fees and access to 55K+ no-fee ATMs. Plus, T-Mobile customers earn industry-leading interest on checking and savings accounts.

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Who is the number 1 Mobile carrier?

The cell phone company AT&T is the leading provider of mobile services in the United States (U.S.) with a market share of about 44.8 percent of wireless subscriptions in the third quarter of 2022.

T mobile versus sprint coverage? (2023)
Which cell phone has the best reception in areas with a weak signal 2022?

According to another PCMag study, the Android with the best reception is the Samsung Galaxy S22 series. When tested, the S22 devices outperformed its predecessors and Google's latest Pixel. PCMag dubbed the S22 a low-signal beast.

Which carrier has the most towers?

Crown Castle Int'l Corp.

How long will Sprint phones work on T-Mobile?

T-Mobile is planning to shut down Sprint's LTE network on June 30, 2022, T-Mobile confirmed to Light Reading. The shuttering of Sprint's LTE network is part of an effort to merge the two networks following T-Mobile's purchase of Sprint.

What happens when you switch from Sprint to T-Mobile?

Your Sprint account remains the same, with the same price, plan and billing experience, but now you'll access the T-Mobile network as your primary network. With the T-Mobile Network Experience: Your device will show the T-Mobile network and you'll get the full T-Mobile Network experience.

Will my Sprint account become T-Mobile?

Although T-Mobile and Sprint are now one, your final Sprint bill will not be combined with your new T-Mobile account. You may receive a partial bill from Sprint for your last month of service. Switching from Sprint to T-Mobile may change your billing period and / or due date.

What will happen to Sprint customers with T-Mobile merger?

Your plan and billing will also stay the same for now. Sprint is still your network, and you'll receive the same perks and privileges that you did before the merger. You might even see increased network coverage in areas that are covered by T-Mobile.

Will Sprint no longer exist?

However, these shutdowns have also seen their fair share of delays. Sprint's cellular LTE service is now scheduled to be sunset on June 30, 2022.

Is T-Mobile shutting down Sprint LTE?

The shutdown of Sprint's LTE will require switching phones to the T-Mobile network with a SIM swap. Most modern phones are compatible with all the North American networks.

What state has the least amount of 5G towers?

We also observed some notable exceptions. Despite Vermont ranking at the bottom of the table for both 5G Availability and 5G Download Speed, our 5G users in the Green Mountain State experienced the best 5G Video Experience, a feat they shared with 5G users from Nebraska and South Dakota.

Do 5G phones get better reception?

With faster speeds and low latency, a 5G cellular connection also provides broader signal coverage at all times. In addition, it can transmit cell signals over longer distances faster than the previous 4G LTE versions. A 5G signal booster extends the coverage provided by the standard 5G.

What state has no 5G coverage?

When it comes to 5G coverage maps, T-Mobile's (which is now also Sprint's) is the most impressive, with coverage in all 50 states. Not only that, but all states except Alaska have 5G coverage in multiple cities.

Which one is better T-Mobile or Verizon?

Verizon vs. T-Mobile coverage

Verizon rules supreme when it comes to coverage. Coverage matters a ton, and Verizon leads the wireless pack. WhistleOut reports that Verizon's 4G coverage has reached 70% of the nation, while T-Mobile comes second with 59% 4G coverage.

Is T-Mobile better than Verizon 2022?

If you're wondering whether T-Mobile is better than Verizon, the answer is a solid "it depends." The Un-carrier gets you more 5G, better customer service, and lower prices, while Verizon offers a more reliable 4G LTE network and many plan perks.

Is T-Mobile 5G better than Verizon?

As coverage varies across the three major carriers, so do 5G speeds. T-Mobile boasts the greatest coverage, but its peak upload and download speeds generally lag behind Verizon. Conversely, Verizon's 5G network features the least coverage but remains extremely fast.

Is Verizon better than Sprint and T-Mobile?

Verizon has the top network coverage in the country, with 70% 4G coverage. AT&T's 4G network finishes close behind, covering 68% of the United States, while T-Mobile's network covers 62% of the country. Sprint falls well behind the others with just 30% coverage.

Is Sprint a good carrier?

Sprint's network coverage is the fourth best of all the major US cellular networks. In other words, Sprint has the worst coverage in the country, behind Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T.

Do T-Mobile stores help Sprint customers?

For now, all customers will stay with the same Sprint and T-Mobile network and service they've been using. Sprint customers can now visit a T-Mobile store for service; most T-Mobile branded stores can now serve both Sprint and T-Mobile customers.

Should I stay with Sprint or go to Verizon?

When it comes to overall performance and speed, Verizon is better than Sprint — and any other carriers, for that matter. You can go just about anywhere in the U.S. and be confident that your phone will have good service (within reason). Plus, Verizon has great customer service. Sprint can't say the same about either.

Which 5G network is best?

Verizon's name is nearly synonymous with fast cellular coverage, but when it comes to the Best 5G Home Internet of 2022, it tops our list. Verizon's 5G Home Internet option comes with no data caps and the equipment is professionally installed, free of charge.

What are the benefits of switching from Verizon to T-Mobile?

T-Mobile has faster 5G and more "premium" data than Verizon for a lower monthly cost. However, Verizon tends to have better coverage, especially in rural areas. You'll need a 5G phone to make the most of any of these plans.

What is the most popular cell phone provider?

The cell phone company AT&T is the leading provider of mobile services in the United States (U.S.) with a market share of about 44.8 percent of wireless subscriptions in the third quarter of 2022.

Will Sprint customers lose service?

Sprint's cellular LTE service is now scheduled to be sunset on June 30, 2022. As for T-Mobile's 3G/UMTS coverage, its initial shut down date of October 1, 2021, was pushed back by almost a year to July 1, 2022.

What are the perks of being a T-Mobile customer?

T-Mobile MONEY has your back with benefits for wireless customers like no account fees, no overdraft fees and access to 55K+ no-fee ATMs. Plus, T-Mobile customers earn industry-leading interest on checking and savings accounts.

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