Synonym for crooked? (2023)

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What is synonym for crooked?


1 winding, devious, sinuous, flexuous, tortuous, spiral, twisted. 3 misshapen. 4 unscrupulous, knavish, deceitful, fraudulent. See synonyms for crooked on

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What is the synonym of crocked?

Definitions of crocked. adjective. very drunk. synonyms: besotted, blind drunk, blotto, cockeyed, fuddled, loaded, pie-eyed, pissed, pixilated, plastered, slopped, sloshed, smashed, soaked, soused, sozzled, squiffy, stiff, tight, wet drunk, inebriated, intoxicated.

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What is British slang for crooked?

Skew-whiff - This is what you would call crooked.

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What word means unfair or uneven?

On this page you'll find 99 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to unfair, such as: arbitrary, biased, cruel, discriminatory, dishonest, and illegal.

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What word means not straight?

“The way the skin was removed when the animal was butchered, means that it's not straight now, and we'll have to make many adjustments.”
What is another word for not straight?
at an angleslanted
69 more rows

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What means crooked or twisted?

If you describe something as crooked, especially something that is usually straight, you mean that it is bent or twisted. ... the crooked line of his broken nose. Synonyms: bent, twisted, bowed, curved More Synonyms of crooked. adjective.

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What does crooked not straight mean?

not forming a straight line, or having many bends: You have to drive slowly on these crooked country roads. His front teeth are crooked. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Bending, twisting and curving.

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Is it crooked or crooked?

Crooked is a transitive verb, which is a verb that takes an object. The verb crook was derived from the Old English word, crōcian. Crooked (KROO kid) is an adjective that means bent or not straight.

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What is a sentence for crooked?

Polly gave her a crooked grin. She might expose his crooked business deals to her tax inspector brother.

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What is Southern slang for crooked?

If something is “cattywampus” it means it's askew, crooked, or out of sorts.

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What does wonky mean in America?

adjective, won·ki·er, won·ki·est. Slang. (of a person) shaky, groggy, or unsteady. not exactly straight or balanced; off-kilter: a wonky chair with an uneven leg. not working properly; faulty; unreliable: Something went wonky with my computer.

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Is wonky an American word?

Etymology 1

From English dialectal wanky, alteration of Middle English wankel (“unstable, shaky”), from Old English wancol (“unstable”), from Proto-West Germanic *wankul (“swaying, shaky, unstable”).

Synonym for crooked? (2023)
What's a big word for unfair?

arbitrary, biased, cruel, discriminatory, dishonest, illegal, immoral, improper, inequitable, inexcusable, one-sided, partisan, shameful, unethical, unjust, unjustifiable, unlawful, unreasonable, unwarranted, wrong.

What's a word for treat unfairly?

maltreat, ill-treat, misuse, wrong.

What is a synonym for not equal?

differing, uneven, disproportionate, inequitable, one-sided, unbalanced, disparate, dissimilar, distant, divergent, diverse, incommensurate, mismatched, odd, poles apart, unalike, unequivalent, unlike, unmatched, unsimilar.

What is the synonym of slant?

Synonyms. slope. The garden sloped quite steeply. incline. tilt.

Whats the opposite of being straight?

What is the opposite of straight?
16 more rows

What is the best antonym for straight?

antonyms for straight
  • broken.
  • incontinuous.
  • intermittent.
  • level.
  • uneven.
  • varying.
  • curved.
  • twisted.

What is the combining form for crooked?

Ankyl/o is a combining form meaning crooked or stiff .

What is the synonym for skew?

Synonyms. distort. The media distorts reality. slant.

What is the best antonym for crooked?

antonyms for crooked
  • straight.
  • unbent.
  • untwisted.
  • good.
  • honest.
  • law-abiding.
  • lawful.
  • moral.

What is a crooked Behaviour?

​informaldishonest and likely to do illegal things, especially in order to get money. a crooked lawyer. crooked deals. Synonyms and related words. Words used to describe dishonest people and behaviour.

What is the most nearly opposite of crooked?

  • straight.
  • honest.
  • upright.
  • honorable.
  • ethical.
  • scrupulous.
  • decent.
  • conscientious.

What is the present tense of crooked?

View the pronunciation for crook.
crook ​Definitions and Synonyms.
present tense
past tensecrooked
past participlecrooked
3 more rows

What does crooked straight mean?

1 bent, angled or winding. 2 set at an angle; not straight. 3 deformed or contorted. 4 Informal dishonest or illegal.

What is the most southern thing to say?

We chose 15 of the most ridiculous Southern sayings — and tried to explain them.
  1. “We're living in high cotton.” ...
  2. “She was madder than a wet hen.” ...
  3. “He could eat corn through a picket fence.” ...
  4. “You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.” ...
  5. “You look rode hard and put up wet.” ...
  6. “He's as drunk as Cooter Brown.”
Oct 31, 2013

What do Southerners say weird?

Words Southerners Say Weird
  • aint - the sister of one's mother or father (I need to go visit my aint.)
  • caint - can't (I caint do that.)
  • fitt'in - fixing to, about to (I'm fitt'in to buy one.)
  • fitty - fifty (Can I borrow fitty cents?)
  • i'moan - I am going to (I'moan go to that game.)

Is it OK to say Wonky?

The adjective wonky has two unrelated senses that are both used throughout the English-speaking world. Its older and more commonly used definition is unstable, defective, unreliable, or wobbly. For instance, a bad knee or a table with loose fittings might be called wonky, as might a person who behaves unpredictably.

Why do we say lopsided?

Something that is lopsided is uneven because one side is lower or heavier than the other.

What does crooked boy mean?

If you describe a person or an activity as crooked, you mean that they are dishonest or criminal. [informal]

Do you spell Cattywampus?

Cattywampus is a variant of catawampus, another example of grand 19th century American slang. In addition to “askew” catawampus may refer to “an imaginary fierce wild animal,” or may mean “savage, destructive.”

Where do people say Cattywampus?

Chiefly Midland and Southern U.S. This shows grade level based on the word's complexity. askew; awry.

What is the closest synonym for unjust?

synonyms for unjust
  • biased.
  • inequitable.
  • one-sided.
  • partisan.
  • prejudiced.
  • unfair.
  • unjustified.
  • wrong.

What is a word for badly behaved?

synonyms for ill-behaved

Compare Synonyms. wrong. disobedient. misbehaving. naughty.

What means to treat a person in an unfair way?

mistreat. verb. to treat someone in an unfair or cruel way.

What do you call someone who mistreats you?

bully. noun. someone who frightens or hurts another person, especially over a period of time.

What is to treat people unfairly and differently?

Defining Discrimination

Nowadays, however, the word "discrimination" is most commonly used to describe unfair or prejudicial treatment of people and groups, based on characteristics such as race, sex, age, disability, religion, or sexual orientation.

Which is the closest antonym for the word inequality?

antonyms for inequality
  • alikeness.
  • equality.
  • fairness.
  • impartiality.
  • likeness.
  • sameness.
  • similarity.
  • uniformity.

How do you show not equal to?

Not Equal To generally is represented by striking equal sign when the values are not equal to each other. But in Excel, it is represented by greater than and less than operator sign “<>” between the values which we want to compare.

What is an example of crooked?

If you describe something as crooked, especially something that is usually straight, you mean that it is bent or twisted. ... the crooked line of his broken nose. ...

What is feeling crooked?

: dishonest, crooked. : irritable, angry. used especially in the phrase go crook. d. : ill, unwell.

What is the difference between crooked and crooked?

Crooked is a transitive verb, which is a verb that takes an object. The verb crook was derived from the Old English word, crōcian. Crooked (KROO kid) is an adjective that means bent or not straight.

What does crooked minded mean?

not straight; dishonest or immoral or evasive. synonyms: corrupt dishonest, dishonorable.

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