How do you say OK in British slang? [Solved] (2022)

How do you say OK in British slang?

Hunky-dory: Use this to describe when something is OK, cool, normal or "all good." ("Everything is hunky-dory over here!")... read more ›

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What should I answer instead of OK?

... see more ›

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How do you say yes in British slang?

' Aye – It means yes.... read more ›

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How do you say OK in text slang?

There are many different ways one can text the word “okay.” You can spell the whole word out (okay), only use the first two letters (ok), or use a double (kk) or single (k) k.... read more ›

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Why do Brits say you okay?

It's just the British way of saying hello. When a Brit asks, “You alright?”, the best response is always, “Yeah, great thanks. You?” Anything else will really put a spanner in the works. We Brits can be a bit awkward when it comes to feelings, especially from people we don't know well.... see more ›

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Why do the Brits say Oi?

"Oi" has been particularly associated with working class and Cockney speech. It is effectively a local pronunciation of "hoy" (see H-dropping), an older expression. A study of the Cockney dialect in the 1950s found that whether it was being used to call attention or as a challenge depended on its tone and abruptness.... see details ›

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What is a WAP British?

wap (plural waps) (UK, dialect) A blow or beating; a whap. (colloquial) A breast. A bundle. (MLE, slang) A weapon, gun.... continue reading ›

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Is OK slang for okay?

“Okay” is a variant of the original “OK.” Both mean the exact same, and both are valid. So yes, even though “OK” came first, dictionaries and linguists generally consider “okay” acceptable as well.... see more ›

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How do you say alright in slang?

Other colloquial variations of all right include a'ight, 'ight, a-ight, all meant to point back to the original all right.... read more ›

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What does )) mean in texting?

It's a smiley face, and the extra )'s means the smile is even bigger. The person sending you this probably trying to send you positivity and let you know they're being friendly. Or they're using the smiley sarcastically. It all depends on the context.... see details ›

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Is OK used in the UK?

“OK” is recorded by the major dictionaries as an Americanism from the 1830s. My Victorian-era-born grandparents (1882–1982) were already using it in their preteens — both in the UK and in Imperial China! Lots of their contemporaries were also using it in both places.... continue reading ›

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Are you OK British greeting?

"You alright?" Is the common greeting. Its similar to "Are you ok?" but less endearing.... view details ›

How do you say OK in British slang? [Solved] (2022)

Do Brits say hey?

' Of course they use hello, hi, hey, good morning, good afternoon and good evening. Don't be worried about the greetings too much though; you can probably guess when someone's saying hello even if it's in an unusual way.... read more ›

Why do British people say bloody?

Bloody. Don't worry, it's not a violent word… it has nothing to do with “blood”.”Bloody” is a common word to give more emphasis to the sentence, mostly used as an exclamation of surprise. Something may be “bloody marvellous” or “bloody awful“. Having said that, British people do sometimes use it when expressing anger…... see more ›

How do I reply to oi?

So when you meet someone, try greeting them with 'oi, tudo bem? '. The most common reply, independent on how you really are feeling, is 'tudo bem'. The reply is exactly the same as the question, just the intonation changes.... view details ›

How do you say daddy in UK?

Below is the UK transcription for 'daddy': Modern IPA: dádɪj. Traditional IPA: ˈdædiː 2 syllables: "DAD" + "ee"... read more ›

How do you say bro in British?

Bruv. Short for "brother", this London street slang is used to refer to a male friend. “You alright bruv?”... read more ›

How are you UK slang?

Starter slang

'Hiya' or 'Hey up' – these informal greetings both mean 'hello' and are especially popular in the north of England. 'What about ye?' is popular in Northern Ireland and is another way of saying 'How are you?' 'Howay' is popular in the north east of England and means 'let's go' or 'come on'.... read more ›

How do British people say comment?

Below is the UK transcription for 'comments': Modern IPA: kɔ́mɛnts. Traditional IPA: ˈkɒments. 2 syllables: "KOM" + "ents"... see details ›

What does bun mean UK?

slang. the buttocks. See full dictionary entry for bun.... continue reading ›

What does Mazza mean UK slang?

Produced by SAMO, ​slowthai, and Kwes Darko, the track features A$AP Rocky and appears on slowthai's most recent album, TYRON. On the latest episode of Verified, the British rapper broke down the concept of the song and defined what the UK slang term “mazza” (or madness) means to him.... view details ›

Whats a Dinga?

(intransitive) to be homeless, to roam, to wander.... see details ›

What is a slang word for good?

Gucci - Good, cool, or going well.... continue reading ›

What does Okay mean in slang?

As an adjective, OK principally means "adequate" or "acceptable" as a contrast to "bad" ("The boss approved this, so it is OK to send out"); it can also mean "mediocre" when used in contrast with "good" ("The french fries were great, but the burger was just OK").... continue reading ›

Is saying OK informal?

Okay is used as an adverb in informal speech, meaning 'all right', 'neither well nor badly': Even though I had never slept in a tent, in a sleeping bag or had any experience canoeing, I did OK.... see details ›

What is a slang way to say yes?

Yea can be used as an informal adverb meaning “yes” or “to affirm,” or as a noun to indicate an affirmative vote.... view details ›

What does P mean in texting?

mean in chat or text? :P. means a face with a sticking out tongue. If you tilt your head left it will look like 2 eyes and then a mouth with a tongue sticking out. People either use it as in a cheeky way or a flirty way or if they're just being funny.... see more ›

What does 3 dots mean in text?

Updated on October 13, 2022 · Writing Tips. An ellipsis, or ellipses in the plural form, is a punctuation mark of three dots (. . .) that shows an omission of words, represents a pause, or suggests there's something left unsaid.... see details ›

What does 4 mean in texting?

<4 means "I Really Love You." The characters < and 4 (which together mean "less than four") are used as an emoticon to express intense love.... view details ›

Is it okay or OK UK?

There's no difference between OK and okay. The older term, OK, (possibly) derived from an abbreviation for an intentional misspelling of “all correct.” The terms are both standard English.... see details ›

What is another way to say OK?

synonyms for okay
  1. all right.
  2. OK.
  3. approved.
  4. correct.
  5. fair.
  6. fine.
  7. good.
  8. middling.

What are common British phrases?

11 Bloody Brilliant British English Phrases
  • “Fancy a cuppa?” meaning: “Would you like a cup of tea?” ...
  • “Alright?” meaning: “Hey, how are you?” ...
  • “I'm knackered!” meaning: “I'm tired.” ...
  • Cheeky. meaning: playful; mischievous. ...
  • “I'm chuffed to bits!” meaning “I'm very pleased.” ...
  • Bloody. meaning: very. ...
  • To bodge something. ...
  • “I'm pissed.”
28 Jan 2020

Is okay a slang word?

“OK” started as a corny joke—a bad one that even appeared in the Slang Dictionary of Vulgar Words in 1864 3—but today it's a completely legitimate word. It's even in the dictionary.... continue reading ›

Is Alright British or American?

Both forms are correct by US writing standards.... view details ›

Can I say yes instead of OK?

Okay is the informal (and somewhat trivial) version of yes, so it is appropriate to use it when agreeing to something, for example, "Would you like to go to the mall?" But when being used as an answer for something that either requires more description or a definitive answer, like "Was there ice cream at the party?" is ...... see details ›

How do you say OK in English?

15 Ways to Say OK in English
  1. Yep.
  2. Respectable.
  3. Pleasing.
  4. Of course.
  5. Passable.
  6. Confirm.
  7. Okeydokey.
  8. Authorize.

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