11 Valuable Things to Know Before Selling on Poshmark (2022)

Selling on Poshmark might seem confusing or it might make you nervous, but it is no different than any other selling platform. In my opinion, it is the easiest and safest way to sell. Poshmark’s return policy is fair, their customer service is top-notch and most of the buyers are women who are looking for a good deal. Plus, you have the opportunity to turn your closet into a full-time business.

Everyone knows those Poshmark boss ladies and their YouTube videos of how they left their full time job and became a full time work-from-home Posher. I hope one day to become a full time Poshmark boss but know that it is a lot of work and dedication. Since Poshmark is a social app, there are so many things you can and have to do to gain popularity and sell on the app. It is fun but can be very tedious and time consuming.

I first signed on to Poshmark in January 2019 (my Poshmark closet). I am so happy that so many of my clothes that are just sitting in my closet (literally!) have sold quickly. It is always nice to get a little bit of extra cash in your bank account and get rid of the items that serve no purpose.

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1. Open a P.O. Box

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One of the first things I did before I started selling was open a P.O. Box. A P.O. Box stands for Post Office box. It is a mail slot that you can reserve at the local Post Office. Signing up is easy. It is not expensive and it is very useful so it keeps your address private. The Post Office will give you a key to the box and you can access it almost anytime, depending on your Post Office. You can sign up online here or at your local post office. If you have a lot of items to sell or want to be a serious seller, the first thing you should do is open a P.O. Box.

2. It Is Easy to List an Item on Poshmark

The listing process is very easy and straightforward. To me, it is much more simplified and less confusing than listing something on the eBay app.

They have recently added extra photo options, which will make it easier to sell your items and give the buyer more of a visual description.

There is also an option to add home items such as decor, accessories, and makeup, just to name a few.

3. It Takes Some Work to Make A Lot of Sales on Poshmark

For the most part, the sales come to you when selling on Poshmark. However, Poshmark is a social app so if you would like to get continuous sales, there are some things that will help you sell fast on Poshmark.

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How to Sell Fast on Poshmark

Follow Other PoshersWhen you follow fellow Poshers, you will see the items they have shared whether it be in your closet or someone else’s and vice versa. By connecting, it gives you an opportunity to reach out to someone else’s clientele if that person happens to share your listings.

The more a listing is shared, the better of a chance that it will get sold. Most of the time, if you share or follow another Posher, they will share and follow back. It’s like a favor, or a good deed, to help out another person who is trying to pay their bills.

The app has four parties a day that consist of themes like “Best in Shoes,” or “Best dressed Kids.” If you share your listings to these parties, you have a chance to reach other people who may be interested in buying your stuff.

Find People & Follow

Sounds creepy, but it’s just for the Poshmark algorithm. You have the ability to find other Poshers profiles that have things in common with you such as your size, your favorite brands, even from the same college. The more you follow, the more you will receive follows back which equals more attention for your listings and more sales.

Become a Posh Ambassador

You become a Posh Ambassador by doing several things such as list 50 items and have a community share (when you share others listings) of 5,000 times. When you become an Ambassador, you have a reputation of being a trusted seller and your profile will be highlighted for the new people to follow, hence gaining more clientele and more sales.

A full time Posher is achievable as long as you have the hours and stamina to put in on the app to get daily sales.

It is exciting to sell on Poshmark! I love opening the Poshmark app several times a day and seeing over and over again notifications just from people following, liking or sharing my listings. Makes me feel good, Poshy boo. Almost like that “you’ve got mail,” feeling from the late 90s.

4. Poshmark Automatically Generates Shipping Labels through USPS

Once you get a sale, Poshmark will send you a shipping label to your email address automatically. You can also download the shipping label from the order. Currently, Poshmark only uses Priority shipping through the United States Postal Service. Poshmark charges the buyer the shipping cost unless you offer the buyer a shipping discount.

Just recently one of my packages was lost in the mail. The buyer and I worked together through communication, and since the package was not delivered, Poshmark was able to reimburse me for the amount of my item and the buyer for the amount they paid for my item. Poshmark is super helpful with this kind of issue, and they usually respond within a day to resolve this kind of issue.

5. Including a Free Gift with Your Order

My first twenty or so orders, I never gave out freebies. I just wrapped the order nicely in tissue paper and sent it off. It worked. The buyers accepted my item and I received five star ratings. Sometimes I will receive an order that seems like it was just thrown in a box, without proper shipping care. No tissue paper or anything fancy, just the item and that’s it.

With past experience buying things on Poshmark, sellers included freebies many times. I always loved the surprise and it made me appreciate the thoughtfulness. Then I wondered what would happen if I started giving freebies…

So, with all of my kids clothing orders I receive, I give a freebie. Maybe a pair of socks if it is boys items or a hair bow for girls items. And after the customer received the item, I usually receive a 5 star rating and so many love notes! And it makes me SOOoooo happy!

I wish I could give more to the customers who buy things from my closet but, I know they just appreciate that the item is accurate to the description. It also helps if it is in great shape, and does not have a bad smell. Does not seem like the customer is asking alot.

Also, giving a small freebie that they can actual use, wrapped nicely and shipped within a day, at a great price, can really make Poshmark a great app for buying and selling new or like-new, second hand clothing. Both sellers and buyers benefit from the exchange.

Ready to sell on Poshmark? Click here for some tips to successfully selling online.

6. Sellers Have 5 Days to Ship an Item

Depending on when the seller ships the package, it can take a couple of weeks to receive the item. An experienced seller will send out the item within 1 day, and you will receive the item in 2-3 business days.

However, if the seller does not ship the item out until the 5th day, the package may not arrive for 2-3 more days after that.

If the seller does not ship the item out, they will receive a message from Poshmark asking if the seller plans to ship the item within 2-3 days, which could result in weeks for the buyer to receive the item. Not only does the sellers rating get compromised, but a case against the seller can be opened and the order can be cancelled.

The package could arrive in a few days or can take over a week or longer. The United States Postal Service can also have a shipping delay if it takes longer than a week.

Bottom line: Send your orders out as soon as possible.

7. Poshmark Gives the Seller Three Days to Accept the Sale

The only catch is that the buyer cannot return the item if there is a problem with fit.

A strong reason why I prefer Poshmark over any other selling app is because Poshmark does not automatically accept returns, especially based on fit. A case needs to be put in by the buyer Poshmark will moderate. Like I mentioned, Poshmark will not accept a return if it did not fit correctly or it did not look good on you.

8. Will Poshmark Accept All Returns?

Poshmark will accept the return if an item is not received as described. Most of the time the seller does not have to comment on the case and Poshmark will handle it for you, which is also part of the 20% fee listing Poshmark charges.

Some sellers prefer to leave it up to Poshmark. However, if you want to grow your Poshmark business, it’s best to offer great customer service and will also help you in the long run to respond, apologize, and accept the return.

9. Poshmark Feedback Star Ratings

If the buyer accepts the return, they have the option to give you a feedback rating. Buyers have the option to give you 1-5 stars. Also, if they are very happy, they have the option write a “love note” comment, thanking you for the item.

Just from selling my kids clothes, I have realized that most of my orders are from Moms like me. I love to be able to give a little bit extra to show how much I appreciate their business and to help out in the little way that I can. Which brings me up to my next point…

10. Buyer Beware: Smells of the Unknown

Seventy-five percent of the items I have ordered from Poshmark always have a really strong laundry odor to them, which is almost overbearing. That is why I try to only buy items that still have the tags, which give me a better chance for the item having a strong odor.

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Here are some helpful tips for cleaning clothes before consigning!

Seriously though, does this bother anyone else? I have a very low tolerance for smells. The smell mostly reminds me of Goodwill, and the closest detergent it smells like is the scented Oxyclean, but STRONG. It takes several wash cycles for the smell to be completely gone.

11. To Make a Profit, You Need to Thrift

11 Valuable Things to Know Before Selling on Poshmark (5)

If you want to make this a full time business, you must like thrifting! It is the best way to make some money when selling on Poshmark!

The cheaper you can buy a brand name item, the better!Some of my favorite places to go to thrift:

Some of my favorite places to thrift:

  • Church thrift stores
  • Goodwill
  • Consignment Stores
  • Clearance racks at places like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, even Target!
  • The Dollar Store
  • Friends and family!

Overall, Poshmark is my Favorite Selling App!

Poshmark is a great selling and buying app! You can make some good side money or can turn it into a more serious and profitable business.

Selling on Poshmark is a lot of fun. Turn the stuff laying around in your house or in storage bins into extra money in your bank account. You can also get great deals if you bundle items and make an offer, even when paying for shipping.

Which selling platform do you prefer, Poshmark, eBay, Facebook marketplace?

Click here to check out my closet!

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